In Their Words: Intern Rebecca Rivera

This series highlights the most important people involved with the Alliance's Green Campus Program: our interns! The program employs more than 75 university and college students across California to implement energy efficiency projects at their campuses. See the entire In Their Words series.

In Rebecca's Words:

  • Name: Rebecca Rivera
  • Campus: California State University, San Bernardino
  • Studying: Master of Arts, Business Administration - Concentration in Management

Prior to joining Green Campus, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I "grew up." I was a Jane of all trades and interested in everything, or so it seemed. I was a psychology major turned marketing major with work experience in different industries. I had several prestigious internships and some amazing business projects under my belt, but something was still missing. The entertainment industry intrigued me, but a small part of me wanted to pursue some kind of fulfilling environmental work.

As I was beginning graduate school, I applied for a job with a “green” television show. I never received a call back. Later, I came across an internship posting for Green Campus. I knew this would be a great fit for me because it involved learning about energy efficiency and teaching others to form energy-saving habits. The internship allowed me to bring out my inner humanitarian and share it with others. For instance, I became a disc jockey for my college radio station, so I created a Green Campus radio public service to reach the masses.

As a Green Campus intern, I was finally "walking the walk." I am proud to tell my peers about the Green Campus Program. In fact, networking at a Green Campus Summit led to an internship with Southern California Edison, Residential Energy Efficiency Education and Information Programs. I now feel that I am paving my career path. I intend to use my college education and Green Campus experience as a springboard to excel in a career at Southern California Edison, as well as share what I know about energy efficiency on an even larger scale.