Survey Points to Broad Consumer Support for Energy-Efficient Lighting

American consumers strongly support energy efficient lighting and welcome the transition away from traditional incandescent bulbs, according to the results of a recent survey.

In their 10th EcoPinion survey published in March, EcoAlign asked 1,000 American consumers what they thought of the technological changes and higher efficiency standards that are transforming the residential lighting market.

A Bright Idea

While 60% of those surveyed were unaware of upcoming changes to federal energy standards that will effectively phase-out incandescent bulbs by 2014, two-thirds of respondents believe that a phase-out of traditional incandescent bulbs in favor of more efficient technologies is a good idea.

Despite recent concerns over compact florescent lamps (CFLs) focused on in the media, the survey reveals that many people really like CFLs. Furthermore, those who have installed some type of energy efficient lighting in their homes over the past year (the majority of those surveyed) give high marks to their performance.

The findings point to consumers as willing participants in reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions from the lighting sector, which accounts for 20% of U.S. electricity use according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Graziella Siciliano works on the Alliance's Clean and Efficient Energy Program, an effort to assist public power utilities in initiating or expanding programs that will help them achieve their energy and carbon reduction goals. Learn More: www.cleanefficientenergy.org