Smartphone Apps: Energy Efficiency at Your Fingertips

If you own a smart phone or plan to buy one on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, several apps will help you save money, energy and time.

Managing Energy Consumption

Want to reduce your electricity and heating bills, but don’t have the time to analyze monthly charges and thermostat levels?  These apps will do the job for you:

  • Monitoring: Meterread reads your electricity meter using your phone. It shows how much power was used since the last read, predicts energy use for the next 30 days, and calculates savings from insulation or lighting improvements.
  • Controlling: Control 4, Ecobee and Wiser convert your phone into a remote control. After installing a thermostat, you can use your phone to control room temperature and lighting, program appliances, and receive alerts. So, if you forgot to turn off your TV, you can do it from the office.

Switching to Efficient Lighting

Shopping for energy-efficient lighting can now be as quick as screwing in a light bulb. T hese apps not only help you find a light bulb that fits your lighting needs, but also calculate savings from replacing your current bulb and estimate the payback period: