LUMENnow.org: Coalition Presents Consumer Lighting Website

Want answers to lighting questions? Look no further than LUMENnow.org, a new website designed to educate consumers about their lighting choices and the benefits of today’s energy-efficient bulbs.

The interactive and informative website was developed by the Alliance for the LUMEN Coalition, an ad-hoc group of organizations and professionals dedicated to spreading the word on energy-efficient lighting.

“The site is a one-stop shop for consumers who need to know the truth about their lighting options,” said Alliance Vice President of Communications Monique O’Grady, who chairs the LUMEN Mass Media Committee. “With so much misinformation out there about lighting, this collaboration is educating consumers about the real energy and money savings they’ll see by switching to the variety of energy-efficient lighting products on the market.”

Light Bulb Shopping Tips, News and How Tos

The website includes all you need to know about light bulbs, including purchasing tips, news and video resources, and answers to lighting FAQs, which will clear up misinformation about the transition to energy-efficient lighting.

While the “Energy Saving Choices” section tells you the differences between the energy-efficient options available, just click on “Choosing a Bulb” to find questions you should ask before purchasing your new lights.

LUMENnow.org also provides images of the new lighting labels and explains what lighting terminology is most important when selecting energy-efficient bulbs.

Also, find out who makes up the LUMEN Coalition and why so many groups have united to inform consumers.

Illuminating Savings

Lighting accounts for about 12% of the average household’s energy bill, so energy-efficient options mean significant savings.  In fact, families can save between $50 and more than $100 a year just by changing their bulbs. Plus, with more than 4 billion screw-based sockets in the United States, the country stands to save $10 billion per year with efficient bulbs.

Visiting the LUMEN website is an easy way to find shining examples of what lighting changes can do for you.