Energy Hog: New Website Makes it Easier to Teach Energy Efficiency

The Energy Hog’s website, www.energyhog.org, just got a facelift. The website is now more user-friendly, featuring numerous pictures and videos. It has how-to videos on assemblies, school-wide games, and rental information. The new site also includes energy efficiency resources for businesses and educators.

The website has two sections: one for students and one for "grownups."  The student side has lots of facts and games, while the grownup side provides information for adults who want to use the Energy Hog program. 

energy hog teaches students about energy efficiencyEnergy Hog Assemblies

An Energy Hog assembly is a high-energy way to engage students on energy efficiency and encourage behavior-based energy savings at your school.  Over the course of the assembly students learn how they can become Energy Hog Busters and stop the mischievous Energy Hog from leaving the lights turned on, plugging in appliances and wasting energy.

Through assemblies, students of all ages discover that energy waste can be reduced through simple behavior changes.  The Energy Hog even helps young students quickly associate energy waste with inappropriate behavior choices.

Energy Hog In and Out of the Classroom

The lessons learned from the Energy Hog extend beyond a one-time assembly.  In schools, teachers can continue the energy efficiency message using the Energy Hog's image to inspire others to save.  These options include: 

  1. Energy Hog Workbooks with activities for students and a companion teachers guide;
  2. Energy Hog Tag Game. which gets the whole school involved with trying to catch the Energy Hog;
  3. Downloadable Energy Hog Light switch Covers, a creative reminder to turn off the lights when you leave a room;
  4. Energy Hog Posters can be downloaded from energyhog.org and colored or customized to be placed around a school or workplace;
  5. Energy Hog Coloring Book; and
  6. Energy Hog Scavenger Hunt, which students bring home to help their families find energy savings.

Students Learn Energy Efficiency with the Energy Hog

The benefits of the Energy Hog go beyond entertainment and a message about energy efficiency.  “The Energy Hog gets the energy efficiency message across to students, faculty, and staff in a way that they remember and talk about to their friends and families,” said Vince Meyer, energy educator with Knox County (Tenn.) Schools. Meyer noted that the Energy Hog reinforces messages from the county energy department to school faculty and staff.