Alliance to Save Energy Celebrates 35 Years With 35 Consumer Video Tips

35 years - 35 consumer video tips

Consumers are getting the gift of energy efficiency knowledge as the Alliance to Save Energy celebrates its 35th anniversary.  

The Alliance has created 35 consumer video tips to help people save energy and money every day.

How to Watch the Energy Video Tips

The video tips have been produced throughout 2012 and are promoted periodically. Six series can be used to educate consumers.

The videos are available on the Alliance to Save Energy website and distributed through online video portals, like AOL, and may also appear on television newscasts. 

Fuel Efficiency

As gas prices fluctuate, the first series features fuel efficiency information that helps drivers maximize their fuel economy. 

Energy-Efficient Lighting

The second series provides insight into the newest energy-efficient lighting options and shares tips about LEDs, CFLs and halogen incandescents.

Consumers can also learn how to read the new lighting label and choose the right bulb based on lumens, not watts. 

Water Efficiency

Our third series focuses on water efficiency; Consumers can learn how low-flow water fixtures, cold-water washing and other smart choices can help them save water and energy.

Efficient Electronics

The fourth series focuses on how you can save on energy use related to consumer electronics. 

Home Energy Efficiency

In the fifth series, homeowners learn simple ways to save energy. Plus, you'll find out how much money you can save by taking advantage of the energy efficiency opportunities.

Living Efficiently

The sixth series provides tips about how you can integrate energy efficiency into your daily life. From cooking to pet care to getting you kids involved, there are easy ways to save on your utility bills.