Statement of David M. Nemtzow, President, Alliance to Save Energy, on Strategic Petroleum Reserve Decision

Release Date: Sunday, October 1, 2000

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Today – Energy Efficiency for Tomorrow

"As President Clinton considers helping consumers by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve he must also help energy consumers by renewing efforts to promote energy efficiency."

"The cause for the steep price increases is basic Economics 101 – growth in demand is fast outstripping supply. We can easily and comfortably reduce demand and be less dependent on OPEC nations and oil companies by simply supporting and using energy-efficient technologies that are available in the marketplace today.

"The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at best a short-term response. President Clinton and Congress should attack the root of the problem to reduce our dependency on OPEC. They should:

  • Enact tax credits for consumers who purchase energy-efficient and renewably powered homes, appliances, products, and vehicles.
  • Pass legislation requiring more fuel-efficient cars, SUVs, and light trucks. There is more oil in Detroit than OPEC – and the loophole from fuel economy rules for SUVs and light trucks must be closed.
  • Increase federal investment in research, development, and deployment of energy-efficient technologies in the Appropriations bills that are before Congress now, and increase funding for weatherizing the homes of low-income families.
  • Adopt aggressive energy efficiency standards for air conditioners, clothes washers, water heaters and other energy-consuming products."