Energy Efficiency Must Be Foundation of U.S. Energy Policy, Says Alliance to Save Energy

Release Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2003

As Congress strives to craft a balanced energy bill, it must make energy efficiency the foundation of our national energy policy, Alliance to Save Energy Acting Co-President Mark Hopkins said today. He said Congress must also address the nation’s growing oil dependence.

“This year’s rising oil and gasoline prices, the natural gas supply and price shocks, and the recent blackout affecting 50 million people demonstrate that we must get beyond using energy efficiency as merely the reaction to a crisis, or a public policy afterthought,” Hopkins said.

“Our nation has a long history of short memories when it comes to energy policy,” Hopkins added. “We don’t learn from our past difficulties and crises.

“But energy efficiency remains the quickest, cleanest, cheapest way to extend our nation’s energy supplies and protect our economic and national security."