Alliance to Save Energy Pleasantly 'Shocked' That Its Humorous, 'Shocking' 'Static Electricity House' TV PSA Judged #2 TV Commercial in World

Release Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2002

The Alliance to Save Energy got a pleasant "shock" Saturday night when it discovered that its "Static Electricity House" television spot on home energy efficiency was voted the #2 TV commercial in the world.

The Alliance public service advertisement (PSA) beat all other commercials from the USA, including better known ones from top branded companies such as Citibank. Judges and producers of "World's Greatest Commercials," (CBS-TV May 11, 9 PM), earlier judged the Alliance ad as one of the top 10 commercials in the world. Voting to rank the top ten was then conducted on the USA Today and CBS websites and announced on the program Saturday.

The Alliance was the only nonprofit organization in the top 10. "What happened is unusual for a TV PSA-especially one that doesn't have big bucks and big support behind it or a hotter topic," notes Alliance Communications and Marketing Director Rozanne Weissman.

The Alliance and its ad agency, DDB, used humor to "break through the media clutter" in a "Shocking" creative way as the TV spot focused on consumer angst over energy bills. "Static Electricity House" highlights a family's wild experiment to cope with high energy prices by powering their home with static electricity. It requires all family members, including the dog, to keep rubbing their wool socks on the carpeting to keep lights on and power functioning.

But that approach has many humorous drawbacks-from a burning carpet to having all their hair stand on end. There are many other "shocks" in the process. And then, of course, a wool sock clings to the back of the dad's jacket as he goes off to work, briefcase in hand.

But the family discovers they didn't have to go to such extremes when simple energy efficiency approaches and ENERGY STAR-labeled products (symbol for energy efficiency) are better solutions to reduce their energy prices, energy use, and pollution.

"Static" has won a number of other national and international awards and critical acclaim.