Alliance to Save Energy Comparison of House, Senate Energy Bills Points Out Flawed Provisions – and Omissions

Release Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2003

The Alliance to Save Energy’s analysis of pending energy legislation reveals that it is more notable for what is missing than for what is included. The analysis compares and contrasts the bill the House passed last month with the Senate energy bill now under debate on the Senate floor and the energy-efficiency tax package adopted on a bipartisan basis by the Senate Finance Committee.

“The House and Senate energy bills represent missed opportunities for energy efficiency,” said Alliance President David M. Nemtzow. “While they include important provisions such as tax incentives, appliance standards, and federal energy management, they are most notable for what is left out – increased fuel economy standards and a ‘public benefits fund.’ If the Senate incorporates the Finance Committee tax package, it would add a modest sweetener to its bitter and unbalanced bill.

“Senate floor amendments that further weaken the bill’s energy efficiency are a real threat. Any such erosion would be a devastating blow to consumers, the environment, and national security.”