The Honorable Charles H. Percy Society, the Alliance to Save Energy’s leadership giving program, pays tribute to the organization’s co-founder – a leader who was dedicated to the principle that energy efficiency builds a healthy economy, a clean environment and energy security. 

Membership in the Percy Society features multi-year financial pledges and provides exclusive privileges to a distinguished group.

Join Us in Our Mission

As the global leader on energy efficiency, the Alliance works to ensure that energy is used as efficiently as possible in the United States and abroad.  Our mission is to create an energy-efficient world, and your membership in the Percy Society helps that mission become a reality.

How Your Gift Helps

Funds raised by the Percy Society help expand the Alliance’s sphere of influence on worldwide energy efficiency. Your contributions allow the Alliance to strengthen its initiatives in research, policy advocacy, education, technology deployment and communications.
In particular, your donation makes it possible for the Alliance to:

  • Lead worldwide energy efficiency initiatives that impact all sectors of the economy
  • Provide vision and activism through the Alliance Board of Directors
  • Initiate and participate in public-private partnerships, collaborative efforts and strategic alliances


For more information on the Percy Society, or to become a member of this prestigious group, please contact Scott Thach at