An Alliance to Save Energy analysis of the Energy Information Administration’s latest Annual Energy Outlook confirms that the decisions we make today on energy efficiency policy will have enormous consequences on how much energy we use in the coming decades and how much consumers pay in energy bills. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) on...
Thanksgiving is upon us, and here at the Alliance to Save Energy we are excited to celebrate the holiday that is all about food, family and friends. As you prepare to stuff yourself at the dinner table, remember to save some space for energy efficiency. These easy tips will help you reduce energy and save money on fuel and utility costs over the holiday.
A major policy theme leading up to last week’s presidential and congressional elections was the need to increase investments in U.S. infrastructure. While the intensity of campaign rhetoric ebbed and flowed (and at times overflowed), infrastructure was routinely cited by both major party presidential candidates as overdue for attention and resources. President-elect Donald J. Trump and the members of the 115th Congress are generally expected to make a major infrastructure-investment package a priority during the new administration.
This is the third installment in a blog series that identifies key energy efficiency provisions in the comprehensive energy legislation being debated in Congress. Alliance to Save Energy Director of Government Relations Daniel Bresette discussed the importance of building energy codes in the first post in the series, which was followed by a closer look at the sections that address the energy-water nexus in a second entry.
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This series highlights the most important people involved with the Alliance's Green Campus Program: our interns! The program employs more than 75 university and college students across California to implement energy efficiency projects at their campuses.
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The Alliance has created an 
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Alliance Associates from Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, Sempra Utilities, the California Energy Commission and Trane spoke to 60 Green Campus student interns about future careers in the energy efficiency field at this year’s summit, “Greening the Campus, Building the Workforce.”