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11/05/13 : Michael Timberlake

A Lot Can Happen In A Twitterchat

Twitterchat on energy-efficient lighting

A lot can happen in one hour. But on Twitter, that doesn’t even begin to explain it. Last week, more than 130 of you joined the Alliance, Energy Star, Cree, Inc., the American Lighting Association, and others to talk saving money with energy-efficient lighting during our second LUMEN Coalition Twitterchat. And in just one hour, together we sent out over 500 tweets and reached 210,000 people.

But in case you missed the great tips, energy-saving facts, and advice on how you can save hundreds by making the switch to energy-efficient lighting—we have you covered with the top tweets and takeaways from the chat.

So Let's Get Started


Where should you start when replacing your light bulbs with LEDs?


How long consumers can expect an LED light bulb to last?


How much can you really expect to save by making the switch?


Has the White House and Congress started using energy efficient bulbs?


What are my options for more efficient outdoor lights and recessed lighting?


Why shouldn’t you just wait a few more years for LED prices to go down?


How best can I replace the 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs I’m used to?


What replacement should you get for dimmable switches?


Is it worth it to switch my holiday lights over to LEDs?


In addition to switching to LEDs, what else can I do to make my lighting more efficient?


And last but not least, what’s the most important thing to remember when shopping for an energy-efficient light?

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