04/25/15 : Daniel Rossman

Get Active for Earth Week and Beyond!

All over the world, events are held at this time of year to promote the idea that we all share the responsibility of being good stewards of the globe. Although Earth Day is typically celebrated in the United States on April 22nd, many communities make it a week-long event. Schools across the nation are celebrating this 45-year-old tradition in ways that are both fun and educational. Here are some ways your school can celebrate Earth Day! Remember that such activities don’t need to be relegated to one day or week — efficiency education is beneficial all year long.

Energy Obstacle Course

Students have to overcome both physical and mental energy-related obstacles. Physical ones include playing extension cord limbo, jumping on the biggest energy-consuming appliances (drawn with chalk to ensure that appliances are not hurt in the process) and racing to the most energy efficient light bulb. Each physical obstacle is followed by a question that challenges students’ knowledge of the Earth.

Energy Hog Bean Bag Toss 

Students create a cardboard cutout of the Energy Hog (an energy guzzler who is not well-versed on the harms of wasting energy) and are given three chances to throw a bean bag through a hole to defeat him! They must then answer an energy related question in order to ensure his demise.

Energy Trivia

Either individual students or small teams compete in a Jeopardy-style trivia game, with each category revolving around Earth Day.

Plant Something

Whether inside a school classroom or outside on school grounds, students plant a new seed and help nurture it as it begins to grow. This teaches students about both natural science and personal responsibility.

Earth Day Pledge

The week-long celebration will culminate with students and teachers signing a large pledge that reads “We Pledge to Save Our Earth.” Underneath the pledge, students use their artistic abilities to draw a large-sized globe as best they can.

By taking part in these challenges, students will gain a new appreciation for the Earth and better understand the importance of using fewer resources. So go outside, participate in these fun activities and learn something new about the planet we live in!