Urge Congress to Include Strong Energy Efficiency Provisions in Upcoming Conference

Dear energy efficiency advocate:

I write today to ask your help to get the energy efficiency provisions that you and we have been advocating for more than five years “over the finish line” of the U.S. Congress and onto the President’s desk for signature into law. We have a shot for success right now, but time is of the essence!

If you need to catch up on the comprehensive energy bill currently at Congress’ doorstep, here’s a quick “explainer video” visually describing the benefits of leading the conference negotiations with strong efficiency provisions.

PLEASE send the note we’ve drafted promoting these important energy efficiency provisions to your Congressman AND Senator today. The energy efficiency provisions that are in the Senate version of the energy bill that is being conferenced right now can save you and your fellow citizens $60 billion on your energy bills while also creating tens of thousands of new jobs and avoiding 1.5 billion tons of CO2 emissions.

Here’s the skinny:

The House and Senate have set up a conference committee to work through the differences between comprehensive energy bills passed by each chamber in recent months. And the differences between the two bills are major and many. The only way for a comprehensive energy bill to be approved by both bodies is to build the final bill around those provisions with strong bipartisan support, like those included in the energy efficiency title of the Senate bill.

Please help us promote these priorities by urging your member of Congress to be an “energy efficiency champion” so that the result is a comprehensive energy bill that has strong, bipartisan energy efficiency provisions that the President supports as its foundation.

Thank you for helping us and for your continued commitment to energy efficiency! We will – finally – get the Portman-Shaheen energy efficiency provisions off the goal list and into public policy if we pull together! 


Kateri Callahan

President, Alliance to Save Energy

PS – Read the draft note here that will be electronically sent on your behalf to your member of Congress when you click on the above links and fill out your information.